TRS-80 - Tandy Color Computer

CoCo-to-PC Serial Data Cable

Our CoCo-to-PC serial data cable is the simplest way to connect your CoCo to a nearby PC for allowing the PC to serve virtual disks and files to your CoCo at high speed. It is fully compatible with CoCoNet and may be compatible with another group's "DriveWire" system.

This cable uses a simple 7-wire setup that leaves TX and RX the only actual signals being used, in addition to Ground of course. The CoCo side connects to your CoCo's printer/serial port on the back of the console. The PC side is a female DB-9 plug. If your PC doesn't have a DB-9 serial jack, don't worry - you can use a cheap USB-to-Serial Adapter to complete this cable to work with your PC. Such adapters can be found for as low as $9 at places like Wal-Mart and Office Depot.

This cable has been proven for years to work at 115200 bps and 230400 bps reliably using 5 and 10-foot cables, with and without a USB-to-Serial adapter. Longer cables have not been tested yet.



Please note that this cable may already be included with some items sold on this site, like one of the Drive Pak bundles. Check and see if the product you are purchasing elsewhere already includes this cable or not.

Purchase This Cable

  • $18 - 5 foot
    available soon

  • $30 - 10 foot
    available soon